Description about Are Mira & Shahid Kapoor Expecting Another Baby?


Mira and Shahid Kapoor with Misha

Mira and Shahid Kapoor became parents to li’l Misha in August 2016 & we were obviously overjoyed when we heard the news. Over the years, we have loved the adorable family of three, their cute public appearances and of course, her special appearances on her parents’ Instagram feeds.

Buzz is that Shahid and Mira are now expecting a new addition to their family. Several reports suggest that Mira is expecting yet again and has been spotted with a baby bump. Oooh! That is exciting! *Fingers crossed*

Earlier in an interview, Shahid had said that Mira wants to flip the norm, have babies, get them to certain age and then focus on her professional life. All the best, you guys! We are waiting for the “good news”.