Description about October: When A Tourist Started Ordering Varun Dhawan To Perform Hotel Chores

who is set to bring this April has gone through an on-set training for his character of a in the film.

The makers shot the entire sequence with Hotel as a backdrop at real location of a five-star hotel in Delhi. who believes in honest and authentic ways of shooting made Varun do everything a real hotel management student goes through, from washing toilets, cleaning dishes, vacuuming, cooking, etc. the actor was required to do all these tasks to pick up the mannerisms of a .

Since they were shooting in an actual hotel which hosted a lot of guests from other countries would consider Varun Dhawan as a real employee and order him things to do. The actor was asked to get food orders for the guest and even stopped to request to come for cleaning the room. Varun being in his character completely would even adhere to their requests.