Description about Omertà Poster: Captures The Turning Point In This Rajkummar Rao Starrer!

With each passing day, director seems to unravel many layers from his film Omertà. You saw playing the dreaded British-born Pakistani terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh deep in prayer in the first .

Omertà’s second poster shows a bearded and remorseless Rajkummar Rao being taken away in a police van. Whether this was soon after his capture by Delhi police for the kidnapping of four foreign tourists or for his ruthless killing of Wall Street Journal reporter , we will know only after watching the film. A defiant, nonchalant Rajkummar Rao can be seen almost smiling in the poster.

‘My first as an anti-hero and exhausting as an actor. To feel the hate towards another human-being without any remorse can take quite a toll. It took me a while to shed this character,” says Rajkummar Rao.

The poster gives a clear indication that the filmmaker along with his muse Rajkummar Rao are set to break new ground again.